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Of course, I think Robot is a machine that behaves smartly depending on the mechanical systems and associated control and detection systems and computer algorithms.

The robot can be reprogrammed; are multi-functional machines that carry or process materials, parts, tools according to the work to be carried out in programmed movements (robot institute of america 1979).

The robot is controlled mechanical clutches equipped with at least one arm on a base, holding members (usually clamps, suction cups or electromagnets), pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical sensors and position and pressure sensors.

According to the definition of Maja Mataric, who is known for his work on this subject, the robot is a machine that can synthesize the data it collects from the environment with the knowledge it has on its world and act in a meaningful and purposeful way and can do it safely.

Each of these definitions merges into a single point. To be called a robot, a mechanism must contain four basic parts. These basic parts; sensors (receivers) necessary for the robot to detect the data around it, electronic circuits for collecting and controlling the data, a program (algorithm to be loaded on the microcontrollers of the robot) and mathematical and logical operations for the purpose of the robot using the sensor data (algorithm to be loaded on the microcontrollers of the robot) is a mechanical mechanism that can perform.

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